Cooltron DC Fans Useful In Power Supplies

April 23, 2014

Cooltron DC FansCooling fans are useful in other types of electronic devices besides computers. Such examples include medical devices and telecommunications, as well as other industrial or commercial uses. Certain fans are more suited for a specific application than others. The line of Cooltron DC fans includes several series that are ideal for use in power supplies. The FD8025 series is suitable for use in power supplies. This includes not only computer power supplies, but also power supplies in medical devices and industrial environments.

Like any other cooling fan, the Cooltron DC fans that are made for power supplies help draw out hot air to keep the equipment from overheating. Overheating in a power supply, just as with other electronics, can cause a number of issues including damage to the device. They all feature brushless motors, so they are able to run more efficiently than a brushed motor. These cooling fans have dual ball bearings, which are more reliable than sleeve bearings. Dual ball bearings are also capable of working with a wider operating temperature. Depending on the type of power supply, it may be necessary to determine how much airflow is needed to keep a safe temperature. It is recommended that the cooling fan be used with a fan guard, in order to prevent damage to the fan.

The Cooltron DC Fan series mentioned is part of the Standard series of fans. Standard series fans make for a less expensive solution for cooling electronics. They have a rated voltage of 24V, and come with a 3 year warranty. Certain models can also be crossed with fans from several different manufacturers. These fans can be purchased online or over the phone.