Light Efficient Design Offers Many LED Lighting Options

August 13 2021

Light Efficient Design LED LightsMajor Electronix offers a wide variety of LED lighting options from Light Efficient Design. They can serve many different applications and industries, and many are suited for retrofitting into current fixtures. LED lights have a number of benefits over incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent lights, including less energy consumption and a longer life span. They also produce less heat and can provide a brighter light than their standard counterparts. LEDs gradually grow dimmer over time, rather than immediately failing. Unlike standard bulbs, LED lights have no mercury, so they are easier and safer to dispose of if they need replacing.

LED corn cob bulbs are ideal for bollards and post top fixtures due to their 360-degree light beam capability. Nicknamed corn cob for their resemblance to the vegetable, they are available in a variety of sizes to retrofit into various fixtures. This includes Flex Watt and Flex Color bulbs that give you the option of different color temperatures and wattages in the same light, simply by flipping a switch. They are designed to take the place of HID lamps. Also available are corn cob bulbs designed for hazardous locations.

The PL LED Lights are made for retrofitting into compact fluorescent light (CFL) fixtures. PL stands for plug-in light, as many are ballast compatible. Most of the PL LED lights are also designed to bypass the ballast and use direct line voltage if necessary. Different types are available for horizontal or vertical mounting.

High bay and low bay LED fixtures can be ideal for factories and warehouses. High bay lights are typically used in ceilings higher than 20 feet and low bay lights are used in ceilings under 20 feet. Switching them around can cause a high bay light to be too bright for a low bay setting, or for a low bay light to not give enough illumination in a high bay fixture. Different types are made for open or enclosed fixtures.

Standard A type bulbs and spot lights are also available in LED versions. Light Efficient Design A type bulbs are A21 or A23 size to fit many standard sockets. The spot lights can provide a narrow 25-degree beam or a wider 40-degree beam for a flood light.

The SOX LED lights are available in three different lengths and are made to be retrofitted into fixtures that take low pressure sodium lamps. Recessed LED lamps are designed for use in recessed can fixtures in ceilings. Wall pack lights provide directional light for wall pack fixtures like the type found on the outside of buildings. Light Efficient Design also has temporary work lights that come individually or on a string. They provide a temporary light source for a job site.

The types of LED lights available are always expanding and evolving as new designs emerge and as demand for more versatility increases. This includes more dimmable options, more ballast compatible options, and more options that combine multiple color temperatures and wattages into a single bulb.