Armored Cables from Mencom Now Available

June 5, 2015

Armored Cables from MencomA selection of Mencom armored cables is available through the Major Electronix online store! These molded cable cordsets are designed for use under harsh and demanding conditions. They can reduce the chances of downtime caused by various connection problems. Hazards such as corrosion, high temperature, exposure to moisture or potential abrasion are all examples of issues that will affect the reliability and performance of the connection. They are currently offered online in three versions: stainless steel, PVC covered stainless steel, and silicone tubing. These cables can be found in the MIN Size I (7/8"), M12 Micro-DC, M12 Ethernet and M8 series of molded cables.

The stainless steel covered cables are perfect in applications where exposure to abrasion is a concern. They feature 304 stainless steel flex tubing, which is easy to clean and prevents exposure to the cable from foreign elements. It also withstands exposure to most chemicals, whether organic or not, as well as sterilizing solution. For even greater protection, the PVC covered stainless steel brings an added layer for water tight shielding. PVC covered steel shares many of the same benefits and characteristics with the uncovered steel. In areas that are exposed to extreme temperatures or in which weld slag is an issue, silicone tubing is ideal. It also works well for certain applications where risk of contamination may be a problem, since it does not promote microbe growth. The silicone stands up to a variety of substances, such as animal fat, UV, organic solvents, acids, ozone and salt water.

Mencom armored cordsets can be ordered online or over the phone. Certain types of armored cables are vulnerable to corrosion from specific substances or conditions, so please contact us by phone or email if you are uncertain if it will work in your situation.