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Mini-Change Power Molded Cordsets & Connectors

Major Electronix offers the full line of Mencom PMIN series "mini" circular power distribution connectors. The molded cables, receptacles, and T distributors are available with 3 or 4 poles, with 10 AWG, 12 AWG, or 14 AWG wire. They are all rated for 600V and carry IP 67 protection. These connectors range from 15 amps up to as much as 30 amps. These power connectors are distinguished from the rest of the MIN series by their black PVC connectors, with the cordsets having gray PVC cable. The PMIN series is designed to be modular, allowing various components to be used in the same system. This streamlines installation and makes it easier to switch out parts if necessary, as well as providing a cost effective solution. Mencom's PMIN connectors are perfect for applications that need more power, such as material handling, automated machine tools, packaging, robotics, and motor control.

PMIN Power Distribution Connector Articles

7/8/2016 - Mencom PMIN Series Power Distribution Connectors