Signal Alarms & Buzzers Now Available

January 7 2020

A selection of alarms and buzzers is one of the newest additions to the Major Electronix online store. Available from Kacon and Menics, the line includes several different types to suit the needs of your application. Used for signaling, providing warnings, or even with timers, they have possible features such as LED illumination, multiple sounds, and different mounting options.

From Menics is the MSP series of wall mount or panel mount sirens. They have a 100 dB noise level, similar to the volume of a jackhammer, and is intended to evoke an immediate response. Housings are red or white ABS plastic with a lead wire or terminal connection. It comes in two versions, which plays multiple sounds based on they are wired. The siren type offers fire truck, police car, or ambulance sound while the melody type plays For Elise, Home Sweet Home, or Cuckoo Waltz. The wall mounted type has an adjustable bracket so the housing can be angled.

The Kacon HRE Series are electric alarm bells that come in 12 or 24V DC, and 110 or 220V AC versions. They have a 90-dB sound level, which is about as loud as a power mower, making it useful in getting attention quickly. It uses an electromagnet to create a striking vibration. It has a 150mm diameter red housing, making it easy to spot.

The KMB Series of alarms from Kacon come in direct mount or panel mount versions, with or without a red flashing LED. They are available in 12-24V DC, 110V AC, or 220V AC versions. They have an 85-dB sound level, which is similar to the noise level generated by a blender. Because the DC versions have a contact in series with the inductive load coil, they can interfere with devices that have a high EMI. Also, at 85 dB, is the KSP series of square panel mounted buzzers. They fit a 66mm mounting hole and can produce one of several types of sounds depending on how they are wired. One version has a fast, slow, high, or low pattern type while the other has different sound types, including ambulance, patrol, telephone, or song.

The KPL series buzzers are LED illuminated and resemble a push button. They fit 22mm mounting holes and have a red or green cover. They produce a sound at 80 dB, about as loud as a garbage disposal, which can be continuous or intermittent. The intermittent buzzer goes off once per second. Voltages range from 12V to 220V and the LED has a 50,000-hour life expectancy.