Sealcon Hazloc cable glands are designed to work under harsh conditions

December 4 2015

Sealcon Hazloc cable glandsThe line of strain relief fittings offered through Major Electronix continues to expand with the addition of Sealcon Hazloc cable glands. The term "hazloc" is short for hazardous locations, indicating that they are suitable for more demanding applications. They are currently available in black fiberglass reinforced polyamide or nickel plated brass, in NPT, PG, or metric sizes. Like the standard cord grips, these fittings feature liquid tight protection and are submersible to 300 feet. They carry the same environmental approvals and are made from materials designed to resist corrosion. They have the same pull-out protection that prevents damage to the cable.

Unlike the standard cord grips, however, the Hazloc fittings have ATEX approval, which means they can be used in potentially explosive environments. This mainly refers to the exposure to substances that might be present in the surrounding air. They are all designated Ex-e, indicating greater safety from arc flash and sparks. The black polyamide cable glands have UV/Ozone protection, which makes them ideal for outdoor applications. The UV/Ozone stability will prevent the fitting from cracking or fading in the sun. The nickel plated brass cord grips are the EMI/RFI proof versions, meaning they are protected from electromagnetic interference and offer dependable grounding. Electromagnetic interference can lead to performance issues or a loss of data. Recommended applications for the Hazloc fittings include factory equipment, control cabinets, railroads, and control & feedback systems.

Keep in mind the cable glands for hazardous locations are not designed to be used with armored cable.