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The Red Lion N-Tron 100 series unmanaged Ethernet switches

The Red Lion N-TRON® 100 Series Industrial Ethernet switches provide economical and flexible peripheral products. The 100 series provides a cost effective solution for data acquisition, control and Ethernet I/O applications. Depending on the model, the various Ethernet switches in the Red Lion N-TRON® 100 series prove ideally suited for railway and nautical uses, as well as for harsh environments. Many of them also feature plug-and-play capabilities, while some are designed to increase bandwidth for your network. These Ethernet switches have a wide variety of arrangements, including ones with fiber optic connections, with some having up to 16 ports. Featuring space saving designs, the 100 series is versatile enough to perform in any position on the network. The 105M12 and 108M12 Ethernet switches are designed for use under extremely harsh conditions, as they can be temporarily submerged in water while also featuring dust protection. The Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches provide electrical power as well as data along the Ethernet connection. They can be used with PoE devices when AC power feeds are not a viable option.

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