Saginaw Control & Engineering Enclosures & Push Button Boxes

November 19 2018

Major Electronix is now offering a selection of electrical enclosures & push button boxes from Saginaw Control & Engineering. We currently have junction enclosures, with or without a window, single door enclosures, and trough enclosures with or without a window. We also handle push button boxes with or without a hinged lid, as well as those with a sloped front. They are all made from 0.063" carbon steel and are intended to be wall mounted.

The Saginaw junction enclosures we have all feature hinged lids. The single door enclosures have a 3-point latching mechanism that can be fitted with a padlock if necessary. They feature concealed hinges and removable doors, along with grounding studs on the door and body. Another version of the single door enclosures has black mini quarter turn latches, which can be operated with a flat head screwdriver. The door can be opened up to 180 degrees and they have removable hinges. They can also feature an optional polycarbonate window. The trough enclosures have a longer width, and are available up to 3 ft across. They also have quarter turn latches with optional windows.

The push button boxes have 30.5mm or 22.5mm diameter, 4-way entries. They can work with any brand of push button, pilot light, or selector switch, and can have up to 12 or 16 holes. Except for the sloped front versions, they all have welded mounting provisions located at the top & bottom. We also carry extra deep versions that have up to a 2" greater depth than the standard type. The push button boxes with hinged lids feature extra-large dimensions, making them a few inches bigger than standard. Standard versions have screw top covers. The sloped front push button enclosures are used for applications in which a slanted surface is needed. The front of these enclosures comes up at a 30-degree angle, with a screw top cover.

Most of the enclosures use a separate sub-panel for mounting accessories. The sub-panels are sold separately and are made from white powder coated carbon steel. A group of sub-panels made for the ELJ Enviroline series enclosures is made from heavy gauge steel, also with a white powder coating.