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EternaBond Sealant Tape & Leak Repair Products

Major Electronix carries a selection of leak repair and roof repair products from Eternabond. Eternabond leak repair products include sealants, as well as roof repair tape that uses microsealant technology to give superior protection against leaks. The tape can stick to a number of different types of materials, including metal, wood, plastic and various types of fabrics. MicroSealant technology is made to withstand UV rays as well as temperature fluctuations, so the sealant tape stays strong outdoors and under extreme conditions. These sealants are good for various types of commercial roofing and industrial leak repairs. They can be used for any number of applications including pipe joints, interior ductwork, windows, drain pipes and foundation repair. Eternabond creates a permanent seal that stays resistant against exposure to moisture, harsh chemicals or other elements. Eternabond sealant tape is an environmentally conscious product, as it has no solvents and does not give off harmful gasses. There are several different types of sealant tape available, including doublestick tape, tape made specifically for roof or window repair, AlumiBond tape which features an aluminum backing and WebSeal tape that is highly adaptable, able to shape around nearly anything. Eternabond leak repair products are made here in the USA and most come with limited warranties.

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