MURR Junior Timer Valve Plugs

April 26, 2013

MURR Junior Timer Valve PlugsJunior timer valve plugs from MURR Elektronik are now available through Major Electronix, both over the phone and through the online store. These junior timer valve plugs are made to resist shock and vibration, and are easier to install due to their locking mechanism. They come with varying lengths of PVC, PVC/PUR or PUR cable, in male straight or male right angle configurations. All MURR junior timer valve plugs offered through Major Electronix are made from flame resistant black plastic and some feature a 24 V AC/DC LED. Valve plugs without an LED have a rated voltage of 230V. Cables for the valve plugs range from 1.5 meters up to 10 meters in length.

All the junior timers are PCT approved, which is a Russian standard of conformity. They all feature an Ingress Protection rating of IP 65 once they are connected and locked down. IP65 indicates a complete protection against dust, as well as protection from water jets. It is recommended that you call us for the current availability before placing an order for the MURR junior timers.