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Circular Power Connectors from Meltric

The line Meltric circular power connectors handled by Major Electronix features a wide variety of products. These Meltric Decontactor series industrial connectors are useful in a number of different areas, including welding, shore power, washdown connectors and motor and generator plugs. They feature spring loaded contacts that provide reliable connections with long lasting contact force. This ensures lower contact resistance and an easier disconnect. The contacts are made from silver-nickel, to withstand wear and tear, and provide stronger electrical connections. The connectors are made to prevent arc flashes, with many featuring safety shutters so the contact points are not exposed during the connection or removal of a plug. Disconnect occurs with the push of a button, and keeps the plug from being removed while the parts are still energized. They carry various voltage ratings with amperage ratings ranging from 20A to 150A. A complete assembly consists of an angle adapter, female receptacle, male inlet, and handle.

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