BreezEV Electric Vehicle Chargers Provide Many Options

May 10 2022

The BreezEV line of electric vehicle chargers from Light Efficient Design offers a number of different options to suit the needs of your site. Different components are purchased separately, in order to provide the most flexibility. The BreezEV chargers use AmpUp software to manage and monitor the different EV charging stations at a location. These are Level 2 EV chargers, so they are compatible with every make and model of electric vehicle. Tesla vehicles do come with an adapter in order to be compatible with non-Tesla charging stations. BreezEV units need a 240V outlet and have charging times in the 12 to 60 miles per hour range. Chargers have a 48 Amp max output, which can be switched down to 16 Amps if necessary.

BreezEV chargers can come with or without software. The units with software allow for payment monitoring, analytics, site reservations, and monthly reports. The PRO software plan includes all these features plus advanced load management, so the amount of power can be regulated when multiple chargers are in use. Power cables are sold separately, in 40 Amps or 48 Amps, with 12-, 18-, or 25-foot lengths. Most electric vehicles currently charge at a max of 40 Amps, so that is typically sufficient. Chargers can be mounted to a wall, or be mounted to an optional free-standing pedestal. Pedestals can currently accommodate up to 2 chargers, mounted either back-to-back or side-by-side. Pedestals also have the option of including cable management so power cords can be kept off the ground.

BreezEV charging stations can be used in several different environments, including multi-unit housing, municipal locations, retail locations, and commercial businesses. Custom branding wraps can be added to pedestals. Separate 1- or 5-year service plans that extend the warranty and maintenance services for the charging stations are also available. For more information, see our overview of the BreezEV product line of electric vehicle charging stations, which includes links to datasheets, details on AmpUp software, and warranty guidelines.