Fandis Fan Filters Available from the FPF and FF Series

March 25 2019

Fandis Fan Filters from the FF and FPF SeriesMajor Electronix offers both the FPF and FF series of Fandis fan filter assemblies. These series include both the full assemblies with the fan, as well as just the filter. Fan filters are made to supplement the full assemblies that come with fans. They are available with gray or black housings and come in a variety of sizes. They have standard airflow, meaning air is drawn from outside into the cabinet, keeping it at a positive pressure.

The FPF series delivers airflows from 120 to 660 m 3/h. FPF13 models are 204mm x 204mm, while FPF20 models are 325mm x 325mm. They have a voltage of 115V or 230V AC. Units with fans have shielded ball bearings and all of them feature a permanent sealing gasket made from polyurethane foam. They can be installed without screws in thinner cabinet walls using snap-mounting elastic hooks.

The FF series has airflows from 45-50 to 230-270 m 3/h. FF12 models are 150mm x 150mm and FF15 fan filter assemblies are 250mm x 250mm, while the FF13 & FF20 fan filters correspond to the same dimensions as the FPF series. Voltages are also 115 or 230 VAC. They offer similar features such as sealing gaskets and the ability to install without needing screws. The main difference is the filter covers, which use sliding catches for easy attachment. This also makes it possible to replace the filter media without tools. The FF series is replacing the FPF series fan filters as an updated option and can be crossed with older models from that series.

Filter media for the Fandis fan filters is available in each size and can be used with either series. They are made from white synthetic fiber, which can be washed up to 10 times before needing replacement. How long the filter media lasts before needing to be cleaned or replaced depends on the conditions of the environment as well as the amount of time it is in operation.