Mencom Low Profile Panel Interface Connectors

December 15 2017

Low Profile Panel Interface Connector from MencomA recent addition to Major Electronix is the new line of low profile panel interface connectors (PICs) from Mencom. Like the standard PICs, these programming ports mount to the outside of a control panel and allow access to the PLC or PAC without needing to open the panel door. This increases safety in the workplace by preventing the risks that come from Arc Flash. Arc Flash can occur when a panel door is opened under load, which can pose a danger to workers. Low profile panel interface connectors feature easy installation and have easy access wiring.

The main difference between the low profile panel interface connectors and standard PICs is the size of the housing. These low profile PICs have a housing up to 75% lower than standard PICs, allowing for more room and saving space in tight areas. They also feature clear polycarbonate doors, so the inside components can be easily viewed. They are available in three styles: single size with a single cover, double size with two single covers, and double size with one double size cover. These programming interfaces also have a sliding lock mechanism that is operated with a regular flat head screwdriver. All of the low profile PICs carry an IP 65 rating for dust and water protection.

Many of the most common configurations are available online, and are similar to the types found with standard housings. Customized versions can be ordered over the phone. Please note that not every type of configuration or component option may be available for every PIC. As with the standard panel interface connectors, they are typically made to order, so please allow for a lead time of 7-10 business days.