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Red Lion Panel Meters & Accessories

The line of panel meters handled by Major Electronix comes from Red Lion, currently known as the top brand for panel meters in the industry. These panel meters come from the C48, PAX, PAX Lite & PAX2 series, with each having their own distinct characteristics. The C48 series consists of 1/16 DIN mount housings, with count or time input capability. They feature reflective or red/green backlit LCD displays. The three different PAX series include more advanced options for input such as current, voltage, & temperature. They have 1/8 DIN housings with LED displays. PAX Lite has red numbers, while the PAX series can have red or green. The PAX2 features a dual line display with a larger 6 digit top line in red and a smaller 9 digit lower line in green. PAX Lite is perfect for more basic applications, while PAX and PAX2 are ideal for applications that require more advanced options.

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