DIN 43650 Form B Connectors

Form B DIN 43650 Connectors for Solenoid Valves

DIN Form B DIN 43650 Form B connectors have 2 different pin spacings: 10mm & 11mm between the #1 & #2 pins. 11mm connectors will have 3 flat blade contacts. 10mm connectors will have 1 flat blade and 2 U shaped contacts pointing outward

DIN 43650 standards are a set of standards developed by Deutsches Institut for Normung e.V. (DIN), the German Institute for Standardization. You may also see ISO 4400 (the International Organization for Standardization) and EN 175301-803 ( European Standards) used to describe these connectors. DIN 43650 connectors are primarily used with solenoid valves offering a secure and water resistant method for applying power. The Din 43650 connectors can be found in hydraulics and pneumatics applications as well as pressure sensors and switches, optical, limit and proximity switches. They can also be used in marine applications.

The Form B DIN solenoid valve connectors handled by Major Electronix are sometimes called sensor connectors, and are water resistant and offer a number of options. Surge suppression, diodes and various lengths of molded cable can be added to Form B DIN connectors from a number of different manufacturers, including Hirschmann, HTP and Omal. Form B male connectors are panel mount and are 2 + ground. The hardwired Form B connectors feature PG 9 cable entries, as well as 1/2" NPT for conduit. DIN 43650 Form B connectors with molded cable are 2 + ground and can come with 2, 3, 5 or 10 meter cable lengths. Circuited versions of the hardwired and molded connectors have options including an LED indicator to confirm the voltage supply and MOV surge suppression or diodes to give overvoltage protection to the source and load. The M12 DIN connectors are fitted to an M12 receptacle or molded cable plug and can be circuited if necessary. If separate accessories are needed, Major Electronix offers a line of Form B gaskets to fit the Hirschmann and HTP Form B DIN connectors.

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