Overview of Mega Electronics Power Cords

December 12 2023

The line of power cords from Mega Electronics includes a variety of cords for both North American and international use. Also available are universal jumper cords and hospital grade power cords for heavy duty applications. The North American versions can be used in both the US and Canada, and come in detachable or non-detachable versions. The difference between the two is that the detachable versions have a NEMA 5-15P plug on one end and a C13 connector on the other, while non-detachable power cords have stripped wire at the other end. The hospital grade power cords have larger plugs and more solid plug pins, so they maintain a more durable connection. They are designed for medical and dental equipment. The North American power cords are available in varying lengths with 18, 16, or 14 AWG wire.

The selection of international power cords covers many different areas. Most have a C13 connector at one end and the corresponding plug for that region on the other, while meeting the international standards set for that area. Currently available are power cords for Argentina, Australia / New Zealand, China, Continental Europe, Denmark, Israel, Italy, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. These cords all have a 2.5 meter length. Other regions outside of the ones listed here can also make use of these power cords. For example, Italy and Chile often use the same types of plugs for their power cords, as do South Africa and India. It is best to confirm with the end user first if one of these cords will be suitable for their region. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on what types of plugs are commonly used in certain areas. The universal jumper cords meet North American and European standards, featuring a C14 plug at one end and a C13 connector on the other. This makes them especially useful for connecting computer equipment, as they can send power from one device to another.