Condensate Drain Valves from Jorc

May 11 2018

Jorc Condensate Drain ValvesThe line of condensate drain valves from Jorc includes both level sensing and timer-controlled drains, which work to remove condensate from compressed air systems. Most have features such as a TEST function, serviceable valve, and LED indicators. Pressure ranges can vary from 230 PSI up to 6000 PSI, depending on the model. Most drain valves that are electrically operated have a DIN 43650 Form A or Form B power connection.

The timer-controlled drains include the TEC-11, TEC-44, EAD, COMBO, COMBO-D-LUX, and OPTIMUM series. TEC-11 has a DIN 43650 Form B connection and a low-profile design, ideal for mounting under filter housings or dental compressors. They are rated up to 230 PSI. TEC-44 has a digital display that shows the selected time setting and is used for high flow applications with heavy particulates. It uses a cable & plug power connection, with battery backup, and is rated up to 600 PSI. The EAD timer drain valves are designed to be a cost-effective solution, with times set by adjustable knobs, and a 230 PSI rating. The EAD series has a DIN 43650 Form A connection. The main difference between the COMBO and COMBO-D-LUX timer drains is the COMBO-D-LUX drains have a digital timer with push buttons, while the COMBO timers use LED indicators and adjustable knobs. Both series are useful for applications with solid particle contaminants and are rated for 230 PSI. The OPTIMUM series can have a brass or stainless-steel valve housing, with the stainless steel used for high pressure applications. They are ideal for applications with high flow rates. Replacement timers are also available for each of the different series.

The range of level sensing drains is made up of the SMART-GUARD, SMART-GUARD-MINI, POD-TD, MAG-11, and MINI-MAG series. Both the SMART-GUARD and SMART-GUARD-MINI use DIN 43650 Form B power connections, with a removable electronic module & top cover for easier maintenance. The SMART-GUARD-MINI has a more compact housing, while the regular SMART-GUARD includes an alarm function. The alarm sounds when the valve opens too many times consecutively without stopping. The POD-TD has pneumatic operation, perfect for situations in which electricity is unavailable or unsafe. It features 3 inlets and works with particles or emulsified condensate. The MAG-11 and MINI-MAG drains also do not require electricity, as they are magnetically operated. The MINI-MAG is perfect for tight spaces around compressed air filters, while the MAG-11 works well for refrigerated dryers and piston compressors. The MINI-MAG has one inlet while the MAG-11 has two. All of the level sensing drains are designed not to lose any air.