Mencom's New Low Profile Panel Interface Ethernet Switch

August 22 2019

Mencom Low Profile Ethernet SwitchBrand new from Mencom is the LP1-E45UM-5 panel interface Ethernet switch with a low-profile housing. It features five 10/100BaseTX RJ45 ports: one on the front and four on the back. What makes this Ethernet switch unique is its ability to be mounted directly to the outside of a cabinet, saving space on the DIN-Rail. It has the same style housing as Mencom's low profile panel interface connectors (PICs), so it is 75% lower than the standard bulkhead housing PIC.

The LP1-E45UM-5 is an unmanaged Ethernet switch, meaning it communicates without needing to configure it using software beforehand. Unmanaged switches have automatic processes that allow for "plug and play" capability. This makes it ideal for smaller networks that do not require the extra configuration or monitoring of a managed switch. It features broadcast storm protection to prevent excess traffic from causing a disruption, as well as redundant power inputs so one can take over if the other one does not function correctly. This Ethernet switch also has electromagnetic compatibility for industrial use. Various LED indicators on the front display communication status or show errors.

Because it mounts to the outside of the panel, it brings the convenience of being able to connect to the equipment inside without opening the door. This also provides additional safety, primarily by avoiding the risk of Arc Flash. Arc Flash can occur if the cabinet is opened while the devices inside are under load. The low-profile housing has a clear door, so the components inside can still be viewed when the door is closed. The door also has a sliding lock mechanism that can be operated with any flat head screwdriver. It is rated IP 65 for dust and water protection, meaning it has total protection against dust as well as water jets. If additional accessories are needed, Major Electronix also carries a number of industrial Ethernet connectors, as well as RJ45 cables.