ILME T-Type Thermoplastic Housings

February 16 2018

ILME Thermoplastic HousingsQuality and cost efficiency are two of the biggest advantages of the ILME T-Type enclosures. Made from self-extinguishing thermoplastic material, it is thick enough to remain structurally solid and mechanically durable while still being less expensive than the standard aluminum counterparts. They are currently available in the most common sizes of 44.27, 57.27, 77.27, and 104.27, in bulkhead mount housings, surface mount housings, hoods, and covers.

There are other benefits to ILME T-Type thermoplastic housings, such as the use of strong, yet lightweight components. They are ideal for higher voltage applications, as they are constructed from insulating materials, while the thermoplastic is able to stand up to corrosion and exposure to a number of different chemicals. These ILME hoods & bases are also anti-static, and impact resistant. The gaskets are already present and 'formed-in-place' on the bulkhead mount housings, and they have the same footprint and panel cut-out as the aluminum versions, making the installation process more streamlined. The large cavity inside the enclosures makes it easier to run cables and wire the connectors. When used with the high voltage CME series inserts, they do not need extra insulation.

These ILME thermoplastic enclosures carry an IP 65 rating when attached and locked down, meaning they are totally protected from dust and most water jets. They also have a UL Type 12 (NEMA 12) rating for indoor use. Surface mount housings with one cable entry can be made into two by the user, if necessary. Hoods come with top or side cable entries. The 44.27 size is made for a single lever, while the other three sizes have a double lever. The levers are also made from thermoplastic that is self-extinguishing. It is possible to use the T-Type bases with the aluminum hoods if needed, while the T-Type hoods are also compatible with the V-Type bases. Almost any of the compatible inserts can be used, except for the CT & CTS series 40 or 64 pin inserts.