Using Sealcon Strain Relief Fittings in Marine Applications

March 8 2021

Sealcon nickel plated brass cable glandMarine environments bring a number of challenges for making cable connections, due to the demanding conditions. Things like corrosion, exposure to moisture and sunlight, submersion, and weather all become concerning factors. Various types of Sealcon strain relief cable glands have proven useful in marine or boating applications, with different materials each having different strengths. Almost all of the standard cord grips are submersible up to 300 feet, or 150 PSI, while still remaining water tight. They also carry a NEMA 4x and NEMA 6 rating, indicating that they are liquid tight, withstand exposure to corrosion, and can be submerged temporarily.

These Sealcon liquid tight cord grips can be used with pumps, dive lights, dive cameras, cranes, antennas, and more. The type of cable is that best suited to a specific application would depend on the size and housing material. Whatever the biggest concerns are, whether it’s corrosion resistance, sun damage, or other issues would help determine which cable gland is the best to use.

If the application is exposed to sunlight for long periods, the black plastic nylon fittings may be the best option, being made from UV stable material. This means they won’t dry out and crack in the sun. When durability is the key, the nickel-plated brass strain relief cord grips are ideal when handling the demands of moving machinery. If the cable glands will be used with communication devices or other electronics, the EMI/RFI fittings may be the best option. They meet the standards for electromagnetic interference protection and radio frequency interference protection. If the fitting will be exposed to moisture or salt water, it’s best to use a stainless steel cord grip. Stainless steel prevents corrosion, as the material does not rust. For particularly extreme applications, the ATEX approved cable glands in nickel plated brass or black reinforced nylon carry a number of approvals for use around potentially explosive substances. Because space can be at a premium on a boat, the Mini WADI nickel plated brass cord grips are made in smaller sizes to fit in tight areas.

All of these liquid tight strain relief fittings are available through our online store. They come in a wide range of PG, NPT, or Metric thread sizes.