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GardTec Plastic Fan Filter Assemblies

There are several benefits of using fan filter assemblies with tube axial fans, most importantly being that they add greater protection. The GardTec fan filter assemblies prevent overheating, which can lead to system failure or loss of data. Because they include the fan guard, retainer, and foam filter, this saves the user from having to purchase the components separately, providing a cost-effective solution. The plastic fan guards and retainers are all constructed from high-impact plastic while the foam filter is made from polyurethane foam. The plastic fan guards and retainers in the filter assemblies meet flammability requirements and are UL94-VO rated. The foam filters are designed to meet UL94HF1 smoke generation requirements. These fan filter parts are made to keep dust and debris away from the inner components of electronic equipment. The filter assemblies are available in a range of sizes from 40mm to 162mm with different densities of filter media ranging from 30 PPI to 100 PPI. Almost all of the fan filter assemblies can be cross-referenced with Qualtek, ETRI, and other manufacturers.

Benefits of Plastic Fan Filter Assemblies
Buying the plastic fan filter assembly bundled saves you from needing to buy the components separately. In addition, these filter assemblies help prevent large contaminants from entering the enclosure, enabling more efficient operation of the fan. It is, however, important to keep your fan filters clean to prevent overheating or a reduction in discharge air pressure.

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