Macromatic ARF Series Alternating Relays

July 7, 2017

Macromatic Inner Door Mounted Alternating RelayNew to Major Electronix is the ARF series of alternating relays from Macromatic. Currently, there are no other similar relays on the market. They are unique compared to other alternating relays in that they feature flange housing. This allows them to be mounted to the inner door, while still allowing access to the relay without having to open the enclosure. This increases safety, as there is less outside contact with the electrical components inside the door. There are currently eight different door mount relays, in 12V, 24V, 120V, or 240V versions, with an SPDT or DPDT contact arrangement.

Like the other relays in this category, the ARF series alternating relays are designed to equalize the run time between multiple loads. This particular series consists of duplexor relays, meaning they will work with two loads. The ARF series relays have a selector switch to choose which load runs first, or alternate between the two. LED indicators show the status of each load, which saves the user from needing to have separate pilot lights. All of the ARF series relays come included with an 8 pin back mounted socket. When the control switch opens, the output contacts on the relay change state, so the loads to switch off with each other.

The ARF series relays are UL listed when they are mounted correctly with the included socket, and also come with a 5 year warranty. These relays are primarily made to work with pumps and compressors in order to switch between more than one pump.