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Mueller Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Major Electronix offers a selection of coaxial cable assemblies and BNC breakout test leads from Mueller. Several versions of the Mueller coaxial cables feature BNC receptacles that are completely insulated. They are ideal when it comes to measuring and analyzing electric currents, as they are mainly used with equipment such as voltmeters, oscilloscopes and network analyzers. Coaxial cable is typically used to transmit signals for radio, the Internet or cable TV. The construction of coaxial cables allow them to have the accuracy of sending higher frequency signals than regular shielded cable. The BNC connectors on the coaxial cables are made to be easy to connect or disconnect, and meet the military standard for high frequency connectors. Mueller also offers BNC breakout test leads that are available with different configurations of clips or connectors. The coaxial cables are available in several different lengths and the BNC breakout test leads have a standard length of 4". All the coaxial cable assemblies and BNC breakout test leads are RoHS compliant.

Coaxial Cable Assembly Articles

1/9/2024 - Mueller Coaxial Cable Assemblies & BNC Connectors