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Inductive Axial AC Cooling Fans

Major Electronix offers Cooltron AC cooling fans that keep your electronic equipment from overheating by directing air along the shaft of the fan. These inductive axial fans are beneficial in many types of industrial settings, with some featuring life expectancies as long as 80,000 hrs. The Standard Series of Cooltron AC fans include the FA8025-96, FA9225-96,FA1225-96, FA1238-96, FA1738C-31, and FA1751C-31 series of fans. The Standard Series is characterized by fans that have a standard life expectancy and are more cost effective. These AC fans are generally used with computers and cabinets. The Cooltron Excellence Series includes the FA1751C-52 series of AC fans. These fans can be put to use in specialized applications that require a longer life expectancy and greater performance, such as in the medical and telecommunications industries. Excellence Series fans can also perform under a wider range of environmental conditions than the Standard Series. All Cooltron AC computer cooling fans come with a 3 year standard warranty, and are produced in factories which are ISO certified. Cooltron AC computer cooling fans can be used for a number of other industies and applications, including automation, power supplies and household equipment.

Cooltron AC cooling fans are inductive and range in size from 80x80x25mm to 172x151x51mm. They feature a rated voltage of 115V or 230V and dual ball bearings with wire or terminal leads. The AC fans are all die cast aluminum which is painted black with 5, 6 or 7 thermoplastic blades.

There are several advantages to using Cooltron AC computer fans for cooling your equipment:

  • Testing groups approve the AC fans which are produced in factories that are ISO certified
  • Lead time on Cooltron AC fans is 25% faster than average
  • Available selection able to fit your needs
  • 3 Year Standard Warranty

* These cooling fans should be used with a fan guard of corresponding size*

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