Qronz Beacon & Tower Signal Lights

October 8 2018

Qronz Beacon & Tower LightsQronz beacon and tower signal lights from Hofon Automation are among the newest additions to the Major Electronix online store. The beacon lights are available in three different sizes while the tower lights come in two different sizes. They come with either a male M12 quick disconnect or a lead wire connection. Quick disconnect models have 0.3M of PVC cable while lead wire models have 1M of cable. All of them feature an integrated pigtail line made to resist corrosion, and 105 C temperature resistance.

Qronz beacon lights come in 30mm, 50mm, or 90mm diameter sizes, and are unique in that they can have one of 7 possible colors in the same light, depending on how they are wired. Colors include red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan, & white. The lights have a steady LED with a diffused lens and come in 12V or 24V versions. The 50mm size is also available with an 80dB alarm with a continuous tone.

The tower signaling lights come in 50mm or 70mm diameter sizes with a steady LED, in 12V or 24V versions. They can have one to five different colors, with or without an alarm. Tower lights with alarms have a continuous tone, with either a fixed or adjustable volume. Fixed alarms are at 95dB, adjustable alarms can be set between 75-90dB. Models with alarms only have up to four colors. Colors include red, yellow, green, blue, or white. A mixed color model is also available in the 50mm size, featuring one of 7 colors just like the beacon lights. All 50mm units have a diffused lens. The 70mm units can have a diffused or clear lens for high intensity brightness.

All Qronz beacon lights and tower signaling lights are available for purchase online. Accessories such as poles, adapters, and bases for the tower lights are also online and are sold separately.