LED Grow Lights from Light Efficient Design

July 10, 2015

Light Efficient Design LED Grow LightsThe line of LED lighting options continues to expand, most recently with SimuLight grow lights. These lights are available in various forms, including 8000 series retrofit lights, tube lighting, modular lights and fixtures intended specifically for commercial environments. They are designed to provide an ample light source for indoor plant growing for greenhouses, indoor farms, nurseries and hydroponic facilities. They have undergone testing to ensure that they will provide the best results, and can be placed in close proximity to the plants, as they do not generate a lot of excess heat. These fixtures have been constructed with the humid environment of a greenhouse or other plant facility in mind.

The types of light fixtures are designed for different purposes, as they each focus on different wavelengths in the spectrum. Many of them have very wide angle light beams so they can cover a larger area. Most of the retrofit lights have a full spectrum, focusing mainly on the red and blue wavelengths. Like the standard LEDs, the grow light retrofits are intended to replace older incandescent, fluorescent or HID fixtures. They work well for a number of different indoor agricultural applications. The modular fixtures come in three different sizes to suit the needs of the application. The spectrum includes red, blue, UV and IR, with a little white. They are programmable, featuring four modes of operation to benefit the entire lifespan of the plant. Additional lights can be added through a daisy chain. The commercial grade lights can work in wet locations and are sufficient as both a main or secondary light source. These lights focus on the red, white and blue wavelengths and are ideal for greenhouses.

These lights still bring the benefits of standard LEDs, including a longer lifespan and more efficient energy consumption. SimuLight grow lights are available for purchase online or over the phone.