Sealcon Strain Relief Cord Grips for Romex Cable

May 4 2021

The line of Sealcon strain relief fittings includes cord grips with inserts made for flat Romex cable and ASI-BUS cables. The cable glands themselves have the same body as the corresponding standard cable glands while the inserts can accept various sizes of Romex cable. They are made from gray or black nylon plastic, which is resistant to various substances such as salt water, alcohol, weak acids, and mineral or vegetable oils. The black nylon cable glands are also UV/Ozone stable, so they are ideal for outdoor applications, as they won’t dry out and crack due to UV damage. The inserts are interchangeable with other types of compatible Sealcon inserts and are available separately. Romex cord grips are available in the most common metric, NPT, or PG sizes.

Romex cable has a non-metallic covering and is used for electrical connections. It can be used in damp locations due to the non-conductive and water-resistant properties of the material. Sealcon’s Romex cord grips can also be buried underground along with the cable. It should be noted that Romex is a brand name (from the Southwire Company) that refers to a specific non-metallic flat cable. ASI-BUS cables refer to Actuator Sensor Interface and is used for industrial networking. They have a different shape from the Romex cables and come in two colors to indicate high or low power consumption.

Strain relief fittings for Romex and ASI-BUS cables are not designed for use with other types of flat cable such as ribbon or zip cable. Ribbon cable is too wide and thin for the insert and zip cable is designed to be pulled apart if necessary, which would not make the cable gland liquid tight. The Romex inserts are intended for use with the dome top cord grips, which are resistant to vibration. These fittings are also RoHS compliant and Deca BDE approved, which refers to the safety standards met in regards to the presence of certain substances. They are available for purchase online, over the phone, or by email.