Sealcon Snap Elbow Strain Relief Cable Glands

May 23 2016

Sealcon Snap Elbow Strain Relief fittingsThe full line of Sealcon snap elbow strain relief cable glands is available through Major Electronix. These strain relief fittings are unique in their right angle design that differs from solid piece versions. Available in nickel plated brass and nylon plastic, they are ideal for saving space in tight fitting applications. The nylon plastic versions come in both dome or flex style. The flex nut reduces the chance of kinking or chafing of the cable, while the dome nut is designed not to come loose due to vibration.

Installation for the snap elbow strain relief cable glands is fast and simple. Insert the cable with the elbow strain relief open, snap it shut, then tighten the nut. Being able to bend the cable at a 90 degree angle provides a more compact fitting. They carry a number of different approvals. All of them are RoHS and Deca BDE compliant, while the nylon plastic versions are also UL listed, CE, & CSA approved. The black nylon plastic fittings are also made from UV / Ozone stable material, perfect for photovoltaics, and other outdoor applications.

The Sealcon snap elbow fittings are available in metric, NPT, or PG sizes. It should be noted that the nickel plated brass versions are limited to M20, PG 13, or a non-threaded mounting flange design. Both the nickel plated brass and nylon plastic versions offer the same reliability and durability as their standard counterparts. This includes resistance to corrosion, as well as certain substances like salt water, weak acids, alcohol, gasoline, and mineral oil. Examples of industries in which these cable glands can be found include renewable energy, robotics, packaging, and automotive.