Meltric DSN Series Industrial Power Connectors

May 22, 2015

Meltric Circular Power ConnectorsThe newest products offered through Major Electronix are the line of circular industrial power connectors from Meltric Corporation. Among the most popular is the DSN Decontactor series, which is extremely useful in washdown applications. When installed with the proper components, the DSN series can provide a watertight assembly. These connectors are typically made from blue thermoplastic polyester, although some versions with metal housings are also available. They feature an easy operation with a fast disconnect, and have a number of characteristics designed to increase safety.

The DSN series of switch rated connectors are made to last through repeated connecting and disconnecting, with parts that won't wear out right away. The safety features and quick operation eliminates a number of steps that would take extra time and training to complete. The accessories available for the plugs and receptacles ensure that the entire assembly can be mounted within view and at the optimum location for the application. The male inlets have silver-nickel contacts, which last longer and have better performance than typical brass contacts. Lockouts can easily be applied to the male inlets, without needing to drill a hole in the housing, to prevent them from being plugged into a receptacle at the wrong time. The safety shutter on the female receptacle keeps the contacts hidden until the plug is inserted, eliminating user contact with any active components. When it is time to disconnect, the contacts inside the receptacle are immediately deactivated before detaching the plug. This keeps any arcing to a minimum, and more importantly, keeps it inside the assembly so the user will not be exposed to it.

Most complete assemblies typically consist of an angle adapter, female receptacle, male inlet, and cable handle. The DSN Decontactor series consists of DSN20, DSN30, DSN60, and DSN150 models. The number refers to the rated current of the connector. Many more Meltric connectors, including those from other series, can also be ordered over the phone.