New! Jorc Level Sensing Condensate Drain Valves

June 9 2020

Jorc Smart Guard Level Sensing Drains The line of Jorc level sensing condensate drain valves has expanded to include high pressure drains and those with alarm connections. Part of the SMART-GUARD and SMART-GUARD-MINI series, they both have the same features as the other models in the series. Both have dual DIN 43650 Form B connections, with mesh strainers, LED indicators, and a test button. Unlike a timer-controlled drain, they are designed to function once the condensate reaches a certain level, as opposed to timed intervals.

The new SMART-GUARD-HP series drains work in much the same way as their SMART-GUARD counterparts except they are designed for use in high pressure applications. Standard SMART-GUARD drain valves work up to 230 PSI, while the new high-pressure condensate drains work up to 725 PSI. The SMART-GUARD-HP drains can handle up to 31 gallons per hour at the highest pressure. The higher pressure range allows them to work with a broader number of applications, being compatible with any compressed air systems up to 3500 CFM. For standard use, a 230 PSI SMART-GUARD-D-LUX is also available, featuring a digital display that indicates the current status and allows you adjust the settings for the unit.

The SMART-GUARD-MINI-AL series differs from the standard SMART-GUARD-MINI series in that the AL units have a second DIN Form B connection for use with an external alarm device. The top DIN Form B connects to the power source while the bottom Form B is used for the alarm. They can handle up to 12 gallons per hour and work in applications up to 230 PSI. The alarm function is designed to be activated when the valve opens more than 100 times without stopping. This can be an indication of excess debris causing a blockage, or a sign of too much condensate for the drain to handle. Like the other MINI series drains, it features a compact housing that makes it useful for refrigerated dryers and filters.

These condensate drain valves should be cleaned periodically and checked at least once a year for maintenance purposes. If replacement parts are needed, service kits are available for both series, which include housing gaskets and replacement parts for the valve.