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Menics Beacon Lights

Major Electronix handles a large selection of beacon lights from Menics and Qronz. The Qronz LED beacon lights are available in three sizes, with a lead wire connection or M12 quick disconnect. They can have 1 of 7 possible colors in the same light, depending on how they're wired. Menics beacon lights are LED or incandescent, with rotating, flashing, or steady lights. They are available in up to 5 different colors, depending on the model. The large, medium, and smaller size beacon lights range from 30-135mm in diameter.

Beacon lights are a necessary element in various industries to ensure swift and seamless responses to a number of situations. They are used on construction sites, by emergency responders, at airports, heliports, and numerous other locations.

The usage of these lights makes specific situations apparent to people in the vicinity, whether they be innocent bystanders who need to move out of harm’s way or workers who need to perform a specific task immediately.

Beacon lights come in several colors: red, orange, yellow/amber, green, blue, purple/violet, and clear/white. Each of these colors has one or a few specific applications:

Red: emergency situations that need immediate attention. This color is used often by law enforcement and firefighters but is also used in factories and other locations to draw attention to dangerous materials, conditions, or other situations.

Orange: used to imply there is a particular situation that requires human attention and intervention. Orange also often appears in tower lights.

Yellow/amber: used in several situations: stopped and oncoming vehicles, illuminating potential hazards, overloaded trucks, airport vehicles, and indicating construction sites.

Green: used in safety and security. Security representatives and Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) regularly use green beacon lights.

Blue: EMTs, law enforcement, highways, streets, and other public locations often illuminate blue.

Purple/Violet: utilized for funeral processions in most jurisdictions and for hazardous scenarios in the gas and oil industry.

Clear/White: clear and/or white have various applications and are typically the fallback for when the person responsible for illuminating these lights is unsure of what color applies to a particular situation.

Whatever your requirements may be, we have the beacon lights for you. Our products come in varying colors, sizes, voltages, with or without alarms, rotating, and steady/flashing. If you have any questions about these lights or any of our other many offerings, please feel free to call our customer service team at 800-966-2345.