Kacon K16 Series Push Button & Selector Switches

March 3 2017

Kacon Push Button & Selector SwitchesNew to the Major Electronix online store is the line of K16 series Kacon push button and selector switches. Made for 16mm (5/8") mounting holes, the K16 series features SPDT or DPDT contacts, made from 24K gold alloy. They carry an IP 65 protection rating, indicating a resistance to dust and water jets. They are also CE approved and UL & CUL recognized, meeting both North American and European standards.

The standard push buttons can be unlighted, or illuminated with an LED. The LED has a 50,000 hour lifespan and is available in 6V, 12V, or 24V DC versions. They can feature round, square, or rectangular heads in five different colors including red, blue, green, yellow, and white. These push button switches are momentary or maintained. Momentary push buttons are only on, or activated, while they are pressed, while maintained switches remain activated or not until they are pressed, which changes their state. Other varieties include red mushroom head & round Emergency Stop switches, which also have the option of being LED illuminated. The mushroom head switches are momentary, while the Emergency Stop switches need to be turned to release them.

The selector switches come in 2 position or 3 position versions, with or without a key. Like the push buttons, the selector switches are also available with round, square, or rectangular heads. The selector switches are maintained, meaning they will not automatically revert back to a default position. These selector switches are not illuminated.

The K16 series is perfect for different types of industrial applications. The unlighted momentary push button switches are available for immediate purchase online, with other types being added soon. Lighted push buttons, maintained push buttons, and selector switches can also be ordered over the phone. Separate accessories such as plastic protection covers and safety guards are also available.