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Molded Form B DIN Connectors

The DIN 43650 Form B connectors with molded cable that are handled by Major Electronix are available with 2 + ground, no circuit, in cable lengths of 2, 3, 5 & 10 meters. Form B DIN connectors come in 10mm or 11mm versions, with the 11mm version having 3 flat blade contacts and the 10mm version having 1 flat blade and 2 U-shaped contacts. They are available from HTP and Omal, with PVC cable. The HTP molded DIN connectors can come with or without a gasket. Gasket options for the HTP include NBR flat, NBR profile and EPDM flat. The Omal Form B connectors are made from polyamide and have a thermoplastic flat gasket. These DIN 43650 Form B connectors are mainly used with solenoid valves because they can securely apply power while being resistant to water. Other common uses include hydraulics, pneumatics, pressure sensors and switches, optical, limit and proximity switches. Like the rest of the DIN connectors, these Form B connectors are made to meet EN 175301-803 standards, which were formerly known as DIN (Deutsches Institut fur Normung), from the German standard setting organization.