Sealcon EMI Proof Cable Glands Prevent Electromagnetic Interference

February 5 2016

Sealcon EMI Proof Cable GlandsThe range of Sealcon EMI proof cable glands is now available through the Major Electronix online store. This type of liquid tight strain relief fitting is already available for purchase as an ATEX approved version for hazardous locations. Now this includes the standard and feed through versions. These cable glands, or cord grips, come in nickel plated brass in PG, NPT, and metric sizes. They meet the standards for EMI/RFI protection and reliable grounding.

EMI and RFI refer to electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. If interference occurs from an outside source, it can have an affect on the performance of the circuit, even leading to a loss of data. Sealcon EMI proof cable glands are designed to prevent this from happening. These types of strain relief fittings are most useful in applications such as telecommunications, control panels, and measuring and feedback systems.

Each version functions slightly differently and is made for different types of shielding. The standard version (designated by -BE) is only to be used with braided shield. It uses an integrated O-Ring to press the braiding up against the inside wall. During assembly, the shielding is folded back over the O-Ring on the clamping insert before it is inserted into the cable gland body. The feed through version (designated by -FE) can be used with braided or foil shielding, on both fully or partially stripped cable. This version creates grounding through metal spring fingers. The contact points are flexible enough to accommodate different diameters of foil or braided shielding.

The full selection of standard Sealcon EMI proof cable glands can be purchased online, with the feed through versions being added soon. EMI/RFI lock nuts are sold separately.