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Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet Switches

A selection of managed and unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches from Hirschmann are handled by Major Electronix. Fast-ETHERNET switches from Hirschmann, which include Spider Switches and the RS2 series switches for linear and star topologies from 4 up to 8 ports. They offer such features as extended temperature ranges and switches with optical ports. Spider switches are most useful in smaller networks or with networks that don't need managed switches. The RS2 switches all have a plug in terminal block and a redundant power supply. The RS2 industrial Ethernet switches also carry a number of different approvals. The MACH series managed workgroup switches use separate media modules and can support up to 26 ports. Also available are OCTOPUS series waterproof switches and GECKO series 'lite-managed' switches, meaning they include some management features and can be a cost-effective solution when a fully managed switch is not needed.

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