OMAL DIN 43650 Solenoid Valve Connectors

February 6 2024

The line of OMAL DIN 43650 solenoid valve connectors includes Form A, Form B, and Form C, and features hardwired, molded cable, and DIN to M12 adapters. The Form A connectors have pin counts of 2 + ground or 3 + ground, with 18mm pin spacing. The hardwired versions can have PG 11, PG 9, or ½” NPT cable entries. The Form B connectors are 2 + ground with 10 or 11mm pin spacing. Hardwired Form B DIN 43560 connectors have PG 9 or ½” NPT cable entries. Form C connectors are also 2 + ground or 3 + ground, but with 8 or 9.4mm pin spacing. Hardwired Form Cs all have PG 7 cable entries. Molded cable versions of all three forms have lengths from 2 to 10 meters.

OMAL DIN 43650 connectors can come with or without circuitry. Circuit options include LED indicators, varistors, and diodes. LED indicators confirm the voltage supply, which can be 10-50V, 24V, or 110-120V. Both varistors and diodes act as overvoltage protection. Varistors provide surge protection to the source and load while diodes can redirect a surge. DIN 43650 to M12 adaptors have an M12 receptacle or molded cable attachment. The M12 connectors are 4 or 5 pole male and are attached to the cable entry.

OMAL solenoid valve connectors are manufactured in Italy. They are slightly shorter in height compared to other brands, making them ideal for tighter spaces. The polyamide housings are reinforced with fiberglass for added durability. They carry an IP 65 protection rating, meaning once connected, they are fully protected from dust and low-pressure water jets from any direction. The full line is available from Major Electronix. Customized versions can also be made to fit the needs of the application, including those with 2 grounds, specific cable lengths, certain circuit options, or with the ground in a non-standard position.