Lumberg Automation M12 Power Cordsets for Industrial Applications

January 18, 2017

Lumberg Automation M12 Power CordsetsRecently added to the Major Electronix online store are Lumberg Automation M12 power molded cables. They are available with S, K, L, or T coding and are typically 2, 5, or 10 meters in length. They come in male or female configurations, with PUR or PVC cable. These M12 molded cordsets are made for use in power transmission, and can work under the harsher conditions found in industrial environments. They feature space saving housings and can still operate through extremes in temperature. Many are rated at 16 A, with a 1.5 mm2 conductor size. The operating temperature range extends from -40 C to 125 C (-40 F to 257 F). They are all VDE & UL certified, with IP protection of IP 65, IP 67 & IP 69K.

The 4 different codings have color coded inserts for quick identification, while also preventing errors during installation. S-coded contact bearers are black, L-coding is white, K-coded inserts are blue, and T-coding is gray. S-coding & K-coding are rated for 630V AC; while L-coding and T-coding are 63V DC. S-coding has 3 poles + ground, L-coding & K-coding have 4 poles + ground, and T-coding has 4 poles. Female cordsets with a grounding pin will have a male grounding pin, while male versions with a grounding pin will have a female grounding pin. K-coded and S-coded M12 power cordsets have the option of including shielding if necessary.

These M12 power molded cordsets are useful in many applications involving power transmission. The 630V cordsets used with AC power supplies work well for motor control switches, frequency inverters, AC motors, photovoltaics, and auxiliary power. The 63V molded cables made for DC power supplies are perfect for input/output boxes, network devices, and Ethernet systems. Both are also useful in wiring lighting, even LED fixtures. Besides automation, other common industries include automotive, packing, material handling, & machine building. They can also be used with M12 distribution boxes that have M12 power connections.