Overview of Mencom MIN Series Connectors

November 8 2022

The MIN Series of connectors and cordsets from Mencom, or “mini” and mini-change connectors as they are better known, are available as molded cordsets, receptacles, or hardwired connectors. They differ from M12, M8, and M23 connectors in that they are available in three distinct sizes depending on their mating thread size and pin count. Mencom’s mini-change connectors are made for automation applications and have plug and play capability. MIN size I accommodates 2-6 pin inserts and has 7/8” mating thread, MIN size II features 8 pin inserts with 1” mating thread and MIN size III has 9-12 pin inserts with 1-1/8” mating thread.

Most of the MIN molded cordsets are insulated with yellow PVC with a North American color code. However, other options such as a PUR (polyurethane) jacket or European color code are also available. Most are rated IP 69, indicating a total protection from dust as well as high pressure and high temperature water jets from any direction. Cable lengths vary from 3 feet to 50 feet. A 12-inch lead on the mini-change receptacles is standard, although it is possible to have longer leads if needed. Most of the receptacle housings are anodized aluminum, with nickel plated brass or stainless-steel options as well. The field wireable mini connectors all feature black polyamide housings with a nickel-plated brass or stainless-steel coupling nut. The molded cables, receptacles, and hardwired connectors are all available in various male or female pin configurations.

Also a part of this series are the PMIN mini-change connectors made for power distribution. The cables are distinguished by their black PVC housings with gray PVC cable. Made for higher powered applications, they range from a 15 to 30 amps. They are modular, so different components can be installed for the same system.

For extra protection in harsh environments, there are also armored MIN cables. Available for MIN Size I, this includes cable jackets in stainless steel, PVC covered stainless steel, or silicone tubing. The stainless steel provides protection from corrosion and abrasions, while the PVC covered steel is also waterproof. The silicone option offers resistance from certain chemicals as well as high temperatures.