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What Are M12 Connectors?

M12 connectors are round electrical connectors manufactured with a 12mm locking thread that are used to make secure connections to sensors, actuators, ethernet cables, and more. Thanks to their locking nature (and the fact that some are water-tight) they are designed for a secure connection in environments where water and corrosives are a concern.

M12 connectors are similar to another form of locking electrical connector known as M8 connectors. Sometimes also known as Pico connectors, M8 connectors, which also typically protect against water and corrosives (defer to the product specifications or call us for details) also provide a secure electrical connection, typically for smaller applications.


Major Electronix deals with M12 hardwired connectors from Mencom and Hirschmann. The Mencom M12 field wireable connectors are constructed from black polyamide with gold-plated copper alloy contacts. Sometimes referred to as Micro DC or MDC connectors, they have a single keyway with an M12 coupling nut. All Mencom M12 hardwired connectors offered through Major Electronix feature 8 poles with PG 7, PG 9, or PG 11 cable entry. The Mencom M12 connectors can be wired by inserting wires into the screw terminal contacts and are water-tight. They are compatible with other Mencom M12 connectors. Hirschmann M12 hardwired connectors have PG 7 or PG 9 cable entries and come in 4 or 5 pole versions. Also known as the E series of M12 hardwired connectors, they are also made from polyamide with brass contacts. Hirschmann M12 hardwired connectors are especially suited for actuators and sensors used in the automation industry. Even when reversed-bending stresses are present, the fail safeties on these M12 connectors are exceptional. M12 field wireable connectors from Mencom and Hirschmann feature plug-and-play capabilities and ease of use

Our M12 connectors are suitable for use in a wide range of industries and specific applications, including:

Industrial and factory automation
Communications (such as high-speed industrial Ethernet)
Energy, power supply, and transmission
Manufacturing and robotics
And more

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