The Benefits of GardTec Plastic Fan Guards

March 7 2023

GardTec plastic fan guardsCooling fans are essential not just for computers, but other types of electrical equipment. These devices generate a lot of heat, so dissipating that heat is crucial in making sure that the internal components are not damaged. Likewise, using a fan guard is also important in keeping foreign objects away from rotating fan blades. This not only protects the fan from damage, but also protects anyone who may encounter it. Fan guards are often provided along with the fan, but can sometimes need replacement if it becomes damaged. GardTec plastic fan guards offer a cost-effective solution in providing this protection, and come in a range of sizes to accommodate fans from 40 mm to 162 mm.

The line of plastic fan guards from GardTec have an easy, straightforward installation and come in two mounting styles. The screw mount types have 2 or 4 thru-holes that can mount it in place, while the snap-on versions simply press through existing mounting holes, without needing any outside tools. The grill openings are narrow enough to prevent outside objects from encountering the fan blades, while also being wide enough to allow enough air to pass through. They are designed to minimize noise levels as well. GardTec plastic fan guards also carry a UL 94V-0 flammability rating, meaning they are flame resistant and able to suppress burning within 10 seconds.

When choosing a fan guard, measure the cooling fan first to make sure you are selecting the right size with the proper mounting. Computer cooling fans are usually 80 mm, but that can vary. Two of the same size fan guards can also have different thicknesses, which can be a factor depending on the dimensions of the space. The size of the grill and number of openings can also vary, affecting the amount of airflow. Some fan guards are square, while others are circular so be aware of the shape you need. Lastly, if you choose a snap-on version, ensure there is enough room behind the panel for the snaps to fit through.