Cooltron AC & DC Fan Cross Reference Guide

June 8, 2012

COOLTRON specializes in tube-axial industrial cooling fans, blowers, fan accessories, and heat-sinks. In addition they also offer value added service like twisting lead wires, adding connectors, fan trays, and thermal engineering, designing, and testing.

The COOLTRON product offering currently available includes brushless DC fans and inductive AC fans, ranging in size from 80~172mm, with a thickness of 25~51mm. Voltages range from DC 12V, to AC 115V & 230V. Various features include dual voltage, ball, sleeve or hybrid, wire lead or terminal, auto restart protection, locked rotor alarm, speed sensor (tachometer), and temperature controlled speed.

To help you determine which available AC Cooltron fans cross from your current supplier we have put together a cross reference chart for your convenience.

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