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Mencom Panel Interface Connectors

Major Electronix handles a wide variety of panel interface connectors (PICs) from Mencom. These panel interface connectors are constructed from die cast aluminum with stainless steel levers and polyamide handles. They also come with thermoplastic elastomer gaskets. Panel interface connectors are made to be mounted to the outside of control panel. This allows access to various devices inside the control panel without having to open the panel door, reducing the amount of safety hazards. A panel interface connector helps create a safer work area and makes it easier follow safety standards. PICs most commonly include a power outlet and connectors that are interfaced with devices in the control cabinet. Access ports allow for maintenance and testing, which is more time and cost effective. Examples of some of these connections are duplex and single outlets, D-Subs, RJ45s, RJ11s, USBs and Ethernet. For your convenience, we have a part number guide, as there are many different combinations available. A number PICs feature a 3 amp resettable fuse in order to limit the unit's output. A covered terminal block with screw connections provides the connection for internal power. Panel interface connectors prove useful to a number of different industries including engineering and programming. Besides the standard type, there are also low profile versions with a 75% lower housing and a clear door, which are available in 3 sizes. Port adapters act as panel interface connectors and are useful where space is limited, as they mount through a 1" hole. The connector cables feature 25 pin D-Subs on each end and can be used with PICs that have D-Sub ports.

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