Control Cabinet Heating & Cooling Solutions from Seifert

April 17, 2015

Seifert Control Cabinet Heaters & Air ConditionersOne of the newest offerings from Major Electronix is the line of Seifert air conditioners, electric heaters and lighting options made specifically for control cabinets. Maintaining the proper temperature for electrical enclosures and control cabinets will help to make sure the components and devices inside are kept working properly. Electronics that are encased can generate a lot of heat, which becomes a problem if there's no way to keep the temperatures down. Cabinets in outdoor applications are particularly susceptible to temperature changes. Fluctuating temperatures can cause condensation to collect inside the cabinet, while overheating can lead to equipment failure, data loss or some other type of damage.

The control cabinet air conditioners are available in 230V, as well as 120/400/460V or 400/460V combination models. They are constructed with a steel housing that has a gray powder coat finish, which resists corrosion. Features include a surface treated condenser and high fin separation, so there is little to no maintenance involved with the air conditioners. They are controlled using a convenient touchpad that adjusts the settings, and it has a display that shows the current temperature. The direction of airflow releases cooler air from the air conditioner through the bottom of the cabinet and as the warmer air rises, it gets drawn out by the air conditioner. As part of Seifert's ComPact range, they have space saving designs and high energy efficiency.

Seifert's electric heaters range from 125W to 800W, with 115V or 230V. They feature aluminum housings and are made to be installed inside the cabinet or enclosure. It is best to place the heaters near the bottom of the control cabinet, so the cooler air from the bottom can be collected while the warmer air that is released rises to the top. The settings are easy to adjust, with temperatures indicated in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It has two modes of operation that allow you to control when the fan is activated. The fan can be set to activate only when the heater is on, or it can be set to run continuously. While the air conditioners are made to prevent overheating, the electric heaters work to keep condensation from building up inside the enclosure.

Lighting options include LED tube lights. The LEDs can be magnet or screw mounted, and controlled with either a manual switch or motion sensor. Using the daisy chain cable, which is sold separately, up to 16 AC Seifert enclosure lights or 8 DC voltage lights can be connected together. Also available are separate Wieland connectors and a 3 meter power cable. The entire selection of products can be ordered online or by phone.