Light Efficient Design 8000 Series Retrofit LED Lights

April 7 2020

Light Efficient Design 8000 Series The 8000 series of retrofit LED lights from Light Efficient Design includes a wide variety of bulbs suitable for upgrading a number of existing fixtures. It includes lights with both E26 Edison bases as well as E39 Mogul bases. The numbers indicate how wide the base is, with either a 26 mm or 39 mm diameter. The type of base is indicated in the part number by either an E or an M. The color temperatures vary between 2200-5700K, depending on the type of bulb. Color temperature is indicated in the part number by the 2-digit number at the end, such as 40K for a 4000K color temperature. This does not measure brightness, although higher color temperatures often appear brighter. Brightness is measured in lumens, while color temperature describes how the light will appear. Color temperatures on the low scale, such as below 4000K, will appear warmer with more yellow. The higher scale, such as those above 5000K, will appear cooler with a more bluish appearance. The higher the color temperature, the more closely it will resemble outside daylight.

The 8000 series is always being updated to meet the ever-changing needs of industrial and commercial applications. Most recently this has included lights for hazardous locations and SOX (low pressure sodium) lamps, and well as those that are metal halide ballast compatible. Ballast compatible lamps have plug-and-play capability, as they do not need to be wired to bypass the ballast. These lamps are distinguished by an MHBC in the part number. The lamps for hazardous locations are known by their red colored base and are rated for Class I, Division 2 locations. Class I Division 2 means the lights can be around flammable liquids or gases that are typically kept contained but may escape to due an accident or malfunction in equipment. The SOX retrofit lamps are typically used in outdoor applications and have a warmer color temperature of 2200K or 4000K.

Besides those types the 8000 series also includes A type bulbs for installing into standard sockets. The A type bulbs are available in A21 or A23 sizes. A21 bulbs are slightly wider and taller than an A19 bulb, while an A23 is slightly bigger than an A21. The higher number typically indicates higher brightness and wattage as well. Other 8000 series LED lights include corn cob lamps, lights for post top and wall pack fixtures, high or low bay installations, and recessed cans. Many of the Light Efficient Design 8000 series LED lights are classified under UL1598C, which means after retrofitting, the original fixture can still be UL listed.