DIN 43650 Form A to M12 Connectors

April 17, 2013

DIN 43650 Form A to M12Omal Din 43650 Form A to M12 (MDC) connectors from Mencom are now available through Major Electronix. These Din to M12 connectors come in hardwired and molded cable versions, with or without a circuit, and are connected to either an M12 receptacle or M12 cable plug. The M12 plugs and receptacles include 4 or 5 pin versions. Please note that the ground is not connected on the Form A to M12 4 pole DIN connectors. The molded cable Din to M12 connectors come in a variety of lengths in male straight or male right angle configurations. The M12, or Micro-DC, receptacles and plugs from Mencom are so named due to the size of their mating thread.

The DIN connectors feature polyamide housings with silver plated copper alloy contacts. The M12 connectors have nickel plated brass housings with gold plated copper alloy contacts. All of them come with a thermoplastic flat gasket. The most common circuit options include diodes, LED indicators and MOV surge suppression. LED indicators include 10-50V, 24V and 120V versions. Other types of circuits different from the ones shown may be available, so please contact us if you need a more specialized connector.

Din 43650 to M12 Form A connectors are currently available on the Major Electronix website, along with DIN to M12 Form B and Form C connectors. They can be found in many different types of applications and work well in industrial environments.