Hirschmann Industrial Connectors

April 4, 2014

Hirschmann Industrial ConnectorsThe line of Hirschmann industrial connectors provides solutions for many different industries. Among the various series available through Major Electronix are rectangular and circular connectors that work in both supply and control applications. These connectors include the G series, ST series, CA series and CM series. Each of them features different characteristics and are best suited for different jobs. These connectors are made to withstand the more extreme settings found in the industrial environment.

The G series of rectangular Hirschmann industrial connectors are also known as the compact series. Their small rectangular size allows them to be used in tighter areas. The more common uses include actuators and sensors. They are also perfect for jobs underground where space is at a premium. The CA and CM series of circular connectors share some common traits. They are both adaptable to many industries and are especially durable. They can last through stress, impacts and other surrounding conditions. The CM connectors meet the MIL-C 5015 standard, which is a military standard for electrical circular connectors. The have a protection rating of IP 67, which indicates total resistance to dust as well as temporary immersion in water. The rectangular ST series covers a wide range of connectors that are usually found with power supplies as well as signal transmission. The ST series features protection from dust and water exposure. The ST series has a protection class rating up to IP 54.

All four of these series can be used as supply connectors. The CM series can also be utilized as control connectors. Besides industrial uses, the Hirschmann industrial connectors can also be used in more specialized applications, such as communications and technology.