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Alligator, Automotive, Telecom Clips & Insulators

This line of alligator clips from Mueller, Hirschmann Test & Measurement, and Hoffman (TPC Wire) are durable and made to hold on tightly. Mueller Alligator Clips are known to be the standard in the industry. The large selection of protective insulators come in a variety of colors and are specially made to fit their corresponding clip. These insulators are made to keep the clip protected if it comes in contact with other objects or other clips. The large selection of clips includes not only alligator clips, but crocodile clips and clips for specific uses such as battery testing, welding and telecommunications. The clips are made from several different materials, including plated steel, stainless steel and solid copper. The Kelvin clips that are offered are unique in that they feature isolated jaws, enabling them to be used in four terminal sensing. Several of the clips are useful for automotive purposes, such as attaching jumper cables. The telecom clips feature single spikes or beds of nails that are intended to pierce insulation.

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