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Z+F 20-14 AWG Crimping Tool Without Closing Control Z+F 20-14 AWG Crimping Tool In Stock
Price: $50.40
Z+F 26-20 AWG Crimping Tool Without Closing Control Z+F 26-20 AWG Crimping Tool In Stock
Price: $50.40

Mechanical Crimping Tools and Hand Tools

Major Electronix carries the line of mechanical crimping tools from Cembre Inc, including the line of stripping and cutting tools. They come in a wide range of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of the application. The different crimping tools are made to work with different sizes and types of terminals. Cembre mechanical tools are also available that work for coaxial cable, as well as with open barrel connectors. The crimping styles can vary, depending on the part and the type of terminal used. Using a crimp connection can make it easier to terminate stripped ends of wire to screw terminals and other types of connections. The mechanical stripping tools can accommodate a wide range of wire gauges, while the mechanical cutting tools can either help strip away insulation or be used for cutting different sizes or types of cable. These tools are commonly used in electrical applications, in both residential and commercial capacities. They are ideally suited for construction work when installing pre-insulated connectors. The Crimpstar series of tools are useful in the manufacturing of electrical control panels, as well as in many other manufacturing jobs. Many of the terminals used with these tools are found in such applications as electrical & power, railways and industrial uses. This line also includes professional grade hand tools, such as scissors, pliers & wrenches, and hammers & screwdrivers. This includes both angled and straight nose pliers, as well as angled or straight head screwdrivers. Screwdrivers have a Phillips or a flat head, in varying lengths. Most the hand tools feature dual compound plastic handles.