Power over Ethernet Products from Red Lion

September 12 2023

Red Lion’s N-Tron® series of Power over Ethernet, or PoE, devices get rid of the need for a separate power connection, since they can send electrical power as well as data over an Ethernet network. Because of this, they can also use longer cord lengths, rather than being limited by USB. Using equipment that may not have complete access to a power source, such as security cameras or wireless devices, is also made easier through the use of PoE.

N-Tron® series PoE devices from Red Lion include splitters, power injectors, and Ethernet switches. As the name suggests, PoE splitters separate power from data signals, as a PoE Ethernet switch will send out data and power over the same line. This allows devices that are not PoE capable to be powered with a PoE device using a Cat5 cable. Red Lion N-Tron splitters are available with 12, 24, or 48V output.

On the other hand, the midspan PoE power injector can take a data signal from a non-PoE capable Ethernet switch and add power to it to operate PoE capable devices. This eliminates the need to have a separate power feed for those devices. The 100-POE4 has 4 paired ports, with one port in each pair connecting to the network, while the other carries data or power.

The PoE Ethernet switches all feature fiber-optic connection, with singlemode or multimode, ST or SC style fiber ports. Fiber lengths are 2KM, 15KM, 40KM, or 80KM. They all have five ports, with four RJ45 PoE ports and one fiber port. They are unmanaged, making them easy to use with their plug and play operation, and ideal for smaller networks since they do not require complex configuration. PoE Ethernet switches are directly compatible with PoE capable devices without needing additional equipment such as splitters or power injectors. They can be used under the more demanding conditions of industrial environments, including maritime and railway applications.